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What You Should Feed The Colorpoint Shorthair.

What to feed the Colorpoint ShorthairColorpoint Shorthairs are carnivores. Please remember that as you are pondering what food your Colorpoint Shorthair should eat. If you don’t adhere to this, your Colorpoint Shorthair may reject your food offerings. You may have trouble getting your Colorpoint Shorthair to eat if you’re giving him non-meat based foods like fruits, vegetables, dairy, nuts, seeds, etc.

How should you feed the Colorpoint Shorthair?

Never forget that Colorpoint Shorthairs share much of their dna with the biggest of cats — lions, tigers,and panthers, etc. — so take that to heart when feeding your Colorpoint Shorthair. Never will you witness an adult puma on Animal Planet drinking milk, chewing grass, or eating an apple in his natural habitat. You also would never observe a young lion cub in the wild drinking the milk of a cow, or any other animal. As ludicrous as these examples seem, that’s how many people feed their Colorpoint Shorthairs. So you shouldn’t act surprised when your Colorpoint Shorthair goes without eating. Colorpoint Shorthairs are different from us and different from dogs. As far as their nutrition goes, they rarely deviate, and you must always keep this in mind. In contrast to what their owners should be eating, Colorpoint Shorthairs need to eat a high proportion of meat for fat and protein. If we ate like Colorpoint Shorthairs, we’d have serious health issues at a young age. Even Though they’re a member of your family, does not mean they should eat like you or the dogs. Many times, you’ll find owners who feed their Colorpoint Shorthairs just like they feed themselves and their dog, even though the Colorpoint Shorthairs diet is much more strict. In fact, dog food can be deadly to Colorpoint Shorthairs over time because it does not meet their nutritional needs and it’s usually too high in carbs, which Colorpoint Shorthairs can’t digest healthily. Often, when you see an overweight domestic Colorpoint Shorthair it’s because he was fed a diet heavy in carbohydrates. Too many carbs over an extended period also puts them at risk of diabetes. The long and short of it is that Colorpoint Shorthairs must avoid carbohydrates at all cost.

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Satisfying Your Colorpoint Shorthair’s Taste Buds

When choosing food for your Colorpoint Shorthair, check that the packaging states it meets the requirements prescribed by the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). Satisfying the standards ensures that your Colorpoint Shorthair is getting the required nutrition. It’s ok to ignore marketing terms like “gourmet”, ” premium”, ” natural”, and “super-premium” which have no set definition. You can ask the vet which type of food (wet or dry) is best for the Colorpoint Shorthair. Once you have selected the ideal food, it’s time to let your Colorpoint Shorthair decide. The food is a keeper if your Colorpoint Shorthair likes it and doesn’t have any noticeable discomfort later on. However, if your Colorpoint Shorthair doesn’t like the food, you need to be ready to provide a different food. Colorpoint Shorthairs would sometimes prefer to go on a hunger strike before they eat some food they don’t enjoy, and such strikes can truly be harmful. If she ever decides to a hunger strike, your Colorpoint Shorthair runs a high risk of liver failure at a minimum and at worst death. If you do decide to swap foods, replace the old food little by little, in small amounts over a week. This prevents your Colorpoint Shorthair from rejecting the new food outright and lessens the risk of upsetting your kitty’s stomach.

Portion Size, Snacks, and Feeding Time for Colorpoint Shorthairs

How much food does your Colorpoint Shorthair need? The answer may enlighten you. As an example, is your Colorpoint Shorthair an indoor or outdoor cat? Has the Colorpoint Shorthair been spayed or neutered? These both play a factor in dietary requirements. The solution is to request advice from your doctor, who will establish your Colorpoint Shorthair’s ideal weight and daily calorie requirement. Once you know how much your Colorpoint Shorthair needs, stick to the plan. Although it seems like it’s not enough, your Colorpoint Shorthair will get used to it and settle at a ideal weight. For Colorpoint Shorthairs, it’s hard to shed pounds once they get overweight. Once you’ve gotten this info from the vet, it’s time to plan your Colorpoint Shorthair’s meals. Colorpoint Shorthairs like to eat small meals or snacks during the day, so expect to leave meals out so she can come and graze whenever hunger strikes. You can also give out half for the morning and the other half for the evening for a little portion control. Don’t go overboard with snacks, either. The more snacks they eat, the more they will stray from their core diet.

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