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Want to Teach Your Bullmastiff Some Tricks: Here’s Three

3 Tricks To Teach Your Bullmastiff
3 Tricks To Teach Your Bullmastiff

To teach your Bullmastiff tricks, even simple ones, you should carry some small treats, be in a quiet suitable place and always keep the training sessions to ten to fifteen minutes or your Bullmastiff will begin to get tired. Remember when he gets something correct offer him lots of praise and a reward treat, however be mindful not to get him extra excited or he may lose focus.

Teach your Bullmastiff to offer you his paw

To teach your Bullmastiff to offer you his paw, first get him to sit, then as you say the word ‘paw’ take his paw in your hand and offer him a snack. After that do it again, and after a couple of practices do not take his paw so quickly. Say the word ‘paw’, count to 1 and then take it. You should observe that he is bringing his paw upward as you say the word. If he doesn’t then return to stating it at the very same time. Do it a couple of more times then slow your response again. After 2 or 3 sessions most Bullmastiffs pick this trick up rather easily.

Teach your Bullmastiff to give you a high five

Like a lot of tricks the high 5 is a continuation of a basic trick, in this case the paw trick. Hold a snack in between your fingers and lift your hand somewhat higher than you’d do for the paw trick. Your Bullmastiff will assume you wish to perform the paw trick and will grab the snack with his paw as we taught him previously. While he rises you say “high 5” and give your Bullmastiff the snack. When your Bullmastiff has actually mastered the paw trick this one will probably be extremely simple to understand and with just a couple of sessions he will be doing it from your hand signal rather than vocal commands.

Teach your Bullmastiff to leap through a hoop

Before you start this one I would just like to ask you to be a little practical and not hold the hoop too high as you do not want your Bullmastiff to harm himself while carrying out the trick. Place your Bullmastiff to 1 side of a hula hoop, get him to pay attention to your hand on the other side of the hoop. Place a snack in your hand and offer the Bullmastiff the direction to stop sitting. At first he might attempt to go around or underneath the hoop. In the event that this occurs start once again. Your Bullmastiff desires the snack and will quickly discover that walking around or beneath doesn’t work so he’ll soon begin going through it. If he does, say “hoop” and offer him the treat. He’ll soon be jumping through the hoop upon the command of “hoop”. When I initially started teaching this trick I had a medium sized dog, so I began with the hoop 6 inches from the floor and slowly brought it to waist height. If you possess a smaller dog you may want to start with the hoop touching the floor so he simply goes through the hoop and after that slowly elevate it more once he gets accustomed to the trick.

I expect you have enjoyed learning these 3 tricks you can teach your Bullmastiff. Have patience with your Bullmastiff and most importantly, have fun!

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