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Tips For Training Your Kunming Wolfdog To Sit

Teach Your Kunming Wolfdog to Sit

Are you attempting to teach your Kunming Wolfdog to sit? The skill of sitting up is quickly taught to compact dogs, however much larger pooches are another story. It’s tough for them to sustain their equilibrium.

Teach Your Kunming Wolfdog to Sit: Foundation

Sitting up is one of the very first tricks that you should teach to your Kunming Wolfdog and is the foundation for a large number of other tricks. In order to train a Kunming Wolfdog to sit up, prepare some treats as a reward, and put the Kunming Wolfdog on her rump in the corner, to make sure that she can’t fall either aft or sideways and has very little or no room to lose balance.

Teach Your Kunming Wolfdog to Sit: Familiarize Her With The Sound of The Words

Keep her from pitching to the front by maintaining 1 hand underneath her chin and with your second hand hold the reward above her face. Keep repeating deliberately and distinctly, “sit up.” Do not make her sit too long at one time, but repeat the training often and reward her frequently with a lot of approval and treats.

Teach Your Kunming Wolfdog to Sit: Help Her Keep Her Balance

In the very first lesson your Kunming Wolfdog will demand considerable support from you to keep her from pitching forward, but as she gets more control of the balancing muscles and knows what you want, she’ll rely less upon your hand to keep her steady. Then you can gradually give her less assistance till you will merely have to keep one hand in position two or three inches from her chin or neck, to be available to prevent her from falling forward; later you will be able to withdraw this hand altogether and just simply dangle the reward just over the height of your Kunming Wolfdog’s head.

Teach Your Kunming Wolfdog To Sit: Remove the Assistance Over Time

After consistent practice your Kunming Wolfdog will stay seated long after you command her. The next step is she should be set against your wall, so as to provide her help for her back. After she has taken in this and can maintain her place easily, rehearse with her using chair legs, cushions or other objects that give her less and less assistance. In time she will master how to maintain her equilibrium and sit without needing anything to lean on.

Teach Your Kunming Wolfdog to Sit: Putting It All Together

In the course of all this training the phrase "sit up" will have been instilled upon her psyche by persistent repetition. Lastly comes the final lesson to teach your Kunming Wolfdog to sit up right after she hears the command. There's a great chance, if she has been diligently instructed, you will only have to get her out into the room, show her a treat, hold it up a reasonable distance from the floor, say "sit" and she will obey. Then just give her the reward while still in place.

The only criteria for excellence is to rehearse with your Kunming Wolfdog multiple times daily until she sits up when commanded to and without being shown a snack; give her the rewards only once she has obeyed the order.

Teach Your Kunming Wolfdog Other Tricks

You have now the fundamentals for teaching your Kunming Wolfdog many other skills. She can now be taught to beg by waving your hand up and down just in front of her paws, which she will move in coordination with yours. She can also be taught to salute by moving one paw to the side of her head, or to hold a wooden pipe in her mouth, or to wear a hat on her head or wear other clothes.

In training a Kunming Wolfdog to accept being dressed up, don't try to make her wear too many items at one time. Try her at first with just a cap. After she becomes used to that you could put on a coat and slowly introduce her to more clothing.

Take joy in "teaching your Kunming Wolfdog the sit up trick" and most importantly have fun along the way!

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