Selkirk Rex

Four Tips To Declaw A Selkirk Rex

Four Tips To Declaw The Selkirk RexDeclawing a Selkirk Rex is a major surgery called a onychectomy, performed using anesthesia, that removes the claw of each toe (from the first knuckle out) of the Selkirk Rex’s forepaws. There is a slight possibility of death in the operation, and a declawed Selkirk Rex may have an increased risk of infection and perpetual displeasure in her paws. This procedure isn’t appropriate for an adult Selkirk Rex and is termed an act of animal cruelty in some places (as shown below).

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Holistic Wellness Necklaces for Selkirk Rexs

Selkirk Rex NecklaceAre you contemplating getting a necklace for your Selkirk Rex? In this article you will read about some of the health benefits of Selkirk Rex necklaces as well as the upgrade in style your Selkirk Rex will get.

Alternative Veterinary Medicine is considered a field that considers and analyzes many different ideas that affect the health and wellness of your Selkirk Rex.

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What Should Selkirk Rexs Eat?

What to feed the Selkirk RexSelkirk Rexs eat meat and meat only. Always keep that in mind as you are pondering what food you should serve to your Selkirk Rex. If you deviate from this, your Selkirk Rex will seem like a finicky eater. If you’re giving your her food that is not meat or formulated from meat products, you will have trouble getting your Selkirk Rex to eat.

What should you feed your Selkirk Rex?

Keep in mind Selkirk Rexs are closely related to the biggest of cats — lions, tigers,and jaguars, etc. — so take that to heart as you’re feeding your Selkirk Rex. You wouldn’t witness an adult jaguar on Animal Planet eating an apple, drinking milk or chewing grass in his natural habitat.

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