Four Tips To Declaw A Ragamuffin

4 Tips For Declawing The RagamuffinDeclawing the Ragamuffin is an intense operation called a onychectomy, performed using anesthesia, that eliminates the claw of each finger (from the first knuckle out) of the Ragamuffin’s paws. There’s a tiny chance of death during the procedure, and a declawed Ragamuffin may experience an increased risk of infection and perpetual displeasure in its paws. This procedure isn’t advised for a mature Ragamuffin and is labeled an act of animal cruelty in some countries (as below).

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What Do Ragamuffins Eat?

What to feed the RagamuffinRagamuffins, like other felines, are predators. Always remember that as you are considering what you should feed your Ragamuffin. If you deviate from this, your Ragamuffin may seem like a picky eater. By giving him non-meat based foods like fruits, vegetables, dairy, nuts, seeds, etc., you may have a difficult time getting the Ragamuffin to eat.

What foods to feed the Ragamuffin?

Remember Ragamuffins share a recent common ancestor with the largest of cats — lions, tigers,and jaguars, etc. — so take that to heart while feeding your Ragamuffin. Never will you witness an adult puma on National Geographic drinking milk, chewing grass, or eating an apple in his natural habitat.

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Alternative Therapy for Ragamuffins from Wearing Necklaces

Ragamuffin NecklaceHave you considered purchasing a necklace for your Ragamuffin? Continue reading and you will read about some of the psychological benefits of Ragamuffin necklaces not to mention the bump in style it’ll give your Ragamuffin.

Alternative Veterinary Medicine is considered a field that considers and analyzes myriad studies influencing thewellness and health of Ragamuffins.

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