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3 Tricks You Can Teach Your East Siberian Laika Right Now

3 Tricks To Teach Your East Siberian Laika
3 Tricks To Teach Your East Siberian Laika

To teach your East Siberian Laika tricks, even simple ones, you need to have in hand some tasty treats, go to a quiet suitable location and manage to keep the training sessions to under fifteen minutes or your East Siberian Laika will start to get bored. Remember when he gets something right give him lots of appreciation and a reward treat, yet be cautious not to get him extra fired up or he might lose focus.

Teach your East Siberian Laika to offer you his paw

To get your East Siberian Laika to give you his paw, first get him to sit, then as you state the word ‘paw’ take his paw in your hand and offer him a snack. Then do this again, and after a few successful tries don’t take his paw so quickly. State the word ‘paw’, count to 1 and then take it. You must discover that he is bringing his paw upward as you state the word. If he does not then return to saying it at the exact same time. Do it a couple of more times then slow your response again. After 2 or 3 sessions most East Siberian Laikas pick this trick up quite easily.

Teach your East Siberian Laika to give you a high 5

Like a lot of tricks the high five is a progression of an easier trick, in this case the paw trick. Place a snack in your fingers and lift your hand just a little higher than you’d raise it for the paw trick. Your East Siberian Laika will believe you wish to do the paw trick and will grab the snack with his paw as we trained him previously. While he rises you state “high 5” and offer him the snack. Once your East Siberian Laika has actually mastered the paw trick this 1 should be really simple to learn and with just a few sessions he will be accomplishing it from your hand signal rather than voice control.

Teach your East Siberian Laika to jump through a hoop

Before you begin this 1 I would just like to ask you to be a little practical and not hold the hoop higher than necessary as you don’t want your East Siberian Laika to hurt himself while doing the trick. Set your East Siberian Laika on 1 side of a hula hoop, get him to take note of your hand on the other side of the hoop. Place a snack in your hand and give the East Siberian Laika the command to stop sitting. Initially he may try to walk around or below the hoop. If this occurs start once again. Your East Siberian Laika desires the snack and will quickly find out that going around or under doesn’t get it done so he’ll quickly begin going through it. The second he does, say “hoop” and give him the treat. He will quickly be leaping through the hoop upon the command of “hoop”. When I first began doing this trick I owned a medium sized dog, so I began with the hoop six inches from the ground and gradually increased it to waist high. If you own a smaller dog you might wish to begin with the hoop touching the ground so he simply goes through the hoop and after that slowly elevate it more as he gets accustomed to the trick.

I really hope you have enjoyed these 3 tricks you can teach your East Siberian Laika. Have patience with your East Siberian Laika and most importantly, have fun!

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