Building a Dog House for Your Dunker

Build a House for Your DunkerOver fifty percent of the population allows their Dunkers to stay indoors and sleep on their sofa or in the owner’s bed. For those of y’all who are wondering how to build a dog house for your Dunker, below are our easy rules to follow when figuring out what type of house you want to provide for your Dunker.

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Teach the Dunker Jumping for Agility

Teach Your Dunker to Jump for AgilityThis article is concerning teaching the Dunker to jump for agility. Often we are asked, “How many jumps should I begin with?” You can never have too many single jumps to practice agility. A good starting point is 4 jumps. This is the minimum number of jumps recommended.

How to Teach a Dunker jumping: Start with 4

You can teach your Dunker many exercises, drills, and skills with four jumps. 4 jumps will let you develop on a short jump chute or jump grid. You can position a “box” with your jumps and practice collection, handling, and 270 degree jumps. You can teach your Dunker jumping left and right. You could be outside the box and send your Dunker or you can handle from the inside of the box. Your jumps can be staged in a lateral line, so that you can practice serpentines and threadles.

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Do You Get Your Child The Dunker Puppy?

Should you get a Dunker puppy?Eventually, every parent is likely to be asked: “Dad, may I have that Dunker puppy?”

Instead of avoiding the question, parents should ponder whether the clan is ready for a dog, and even moreso a Dunker, according to Sharon Bergen, SVP of education and training for Knowledge Learning Corporation, the country’s leading provider of early childhood education and care.

When pondering “should we get the Dunker” Bergen recommends the parents ascertain the positives and negatives of adding the Dunker to the household before acquiescing to a child’s request. “The Dunker can teach your children responsibility and be a welcome addition to your family-or it can be a mistake,” she is quoted as saying. Bergen suggests you consider the following before committing:

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Tips For Taking Care Of Dunker Puppies

dunker care tipsOwning dogs, in particular taking care of the dunker, is old hat for people across the world. Zoologists say that dogs were first domesticated sometime between twelve thousand and 25,000 years ago—and that all dogs evolved from the wolf. Since those days, people have selectively bred more than 400 breeds, varying in size from 4-pound teacup poodles to Irish wolfhounds, who have earned the distinction of the tallest pooch. But the most preferred pooches are the non-pedigree dogs—the one-of-a-kind dogs known as mixed-breeds. The dunker is another popular pick with dog owners. Many owners are unaware, however, of many of the most crucial dunker care tips.

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