What Food You Should Serve To The Russian Black.

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What to feed the Russian BlackRussian Blacks eat meat and meat only. That’s the most important thing to keep in mind as you are considering which food your Russian Black should eat. That might be the reason your Russian Black rejects the meals you prepare for her. By giving him non-meat based foods like fruits, vegetables, dairy, nuts, seeds, etc., you will have difficulty getting the Russian Black to eat.

What foods should you give to your new Russian Black?

You mustn’t forget that Russian Blacks share recent ancestry with the largest of cats — cougars, lions and tigers — so take that to heart when you’re feeding your Russian Black. Never will you witness an adult tiger on Animal Planet eating an apple, drinking milk or chewing grass in nature. You also would never observe a puma cub in nature drinking the milk of a cow, or any other animal. As absurd as these examples seem, that’s exactly how many owners feed their Russian Blacks. So you shouldn’t expect your Russian Black at home to be excited if that’s what you try to give her. Russian Blacks are not like us and unlike dogs. When it comes to nutrition, they rarely stray, and owners must be aware of this. Russian Blacks take in almost entirely fats and proteins as opposed to omnivores like humans who also eat vegetables and fruits. A human could end up with a lot of ailments if he ate the Russian Black’s recommended diet. Just because they’re a member of your family, does not mean they should eat what you and the dogs eat. Many times, you’ll find people who feed their Russian Blacks the same foods they feed themselves and the dog, although the Russian Blacks diet is much more specific. In fact, dog food can be deadly to Russian Blacks over time because it does not meet their dietary requirements and it’s often overloaded with too many carbohydrates, which Russian Blacks can’t digest healthily. Russian Blacks will develop severe obesity problems by eating carbs, which can eventually lead to diabetes. The Russian Black’s system is not designed for carbs. They are to be avoided.

tips for taking care of your Russian Black kitten

Delighting Your Russian Black’s Palate

Make certain any food you buy for your Russian Black meets the requirements prescribed by the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). Satisfying their minimum requirements ensures that your Russian Black is receiving the necessary nutrition. It’s ok to pay no attention to marketing terms such as “gourmet”, ” natural”, ” super-premium”, and “premium” which have no set definition. You can ask your vet which food (wet or dry) they recommend for your Russian Black. Once you have picked the ideal food, it’s now the time to let your Russian Black give the final say so. If the Russian Black eats it with no issues and seems to enjoy it, it is a fine pick. If your Russian Black does not seem to tolerate it, on the other hand, it’s necessary to go back to square one. If your Russian Black does not like the food you have fed him, a harmful hunger strike may be coming. If he commits to a hunger strike, your Russian Black runs an extreme risk of liver failure at a minimum and at worst death. Don’t swap foods haphazardly, either. Make certain you bring in the new food a little at a time in small amounts over the course of a week. This prevents the Russian Black from rejecting the new food outright and lessens the risk of upsetting your kitty’s stomach.

Feeding Time, Portion Size, and Snacks for Russian Blacks

How much should you feed your Russian Black? There are many aspects that determine that answer. For instance, is your Russian Black a house cat or a yard cat or both? Has your Russian Black had sterilization surgery? Both of these answers are of utmost importance in establishing your Russian Black’s dietary requirements. Your best bet is to consult your Russian Black’s doctor, who will determine your Russian Blacks ideal weight and daily dietary requirements. Be proactive about asking your doctor about your Russian Black’s weight and food. Once you learn how much food your Russian Black needs, don’t deviate. Although it seems like it’s not enough, your Russian Black will get used to it and stay at her ideal weight. For Russian Blacks, it’s hard to lose it once they get obese. Next, set up the Russian Black’s meals. Russian Blacks like to eat small meals during the day, so plan to leave meals out so he can come and graze when hunger strikes. You can also give out half for the morning and the other half for the evening for a little portion control. Although you may enjoy giving your Russian Black treats, do so infrequently. Don’t let snacks dilute their nutrition. Just like with people, too much salt is a bad thing.

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