American Polydactyl

Feeding The American Polydactyl.

What to feed the American PolydactylAmerican Polydactyls, like other felines, eat meat. Never forget that when you’re trying to decide how to feed the American Polydactyl. If you don’t stick to her intended diet, your American Polydactyl may become a finicky eater. You can have difficulty getting your American Polydactyl to eat if you’re giving him non-meat based foods like fruits, vegetables, dairy, nuts, seeds, etc.

How to serve to your new American Polydactyl?

Keep in mind American Polydactyls share recent ancestry with the largest of felines — leopards, tigers and lions — so keep that in mind as you’re feeding the American Polydactyl. Never will you see an adult panther on Animal Planet eating an apple, chewing grass, or drinking milk in nature.

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